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You’re in the unique circumstance of owning a large amount of wine but not knowing where to store it? It’s the vast universe of wine storage. With the variety of options available at various prices, what do you know what to choose? Do you opt for a temperature-controlled wine fridge? Tabletop display with a unique design? Multi-tasking wine rack and furniture? A DIY wine cellar? Whatever you have in mind, we’ve put together an assortment of our top wine storage ideas for your home.


KirinRen gold Metal Freestanding Wine Rack, $28 We love the modern, sleek design of this wine rack made of metal that is available in gold and black finishes. It can accommodate up to nine bottles of wine, which includes large bottles that tend to be difficult to fit into typical Wine racks.

Goodwood Wine Rack, $175 The geometric wine rack holds eight bottles and is made with black locust. Bonus: As a firm advocate of zero-waste, All GoodWood products are constructed from recycled materials.MyGift Countertop Rustic Wine Rack Available for $74 in various designs, this stunning eight-bottle wine rack is able to be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the space you have available or the style you’re looking for.Olivewood Wine Bottle Balance-Arch Price: $39: Although it can only hold one bottle at a time, it’s a stunning tabletop piece of conversation. It’s also constructed from the highest quality, sustainable food-grade olive wood that is microbial, which means you’ll feel great about it as well.


The EuroCave Pure S Wine Cellar, $3,295 The technology is aimed to recreate the deep French wine cellars. The 74-bottle wine refrigerator is not just able to maintain a perfect temperature in the basement (at an energy-efficient rating of A-! ). Additionally, it includes a hygrometer, as well as an alarm to notify you if the humidity is at a low level.

Zephyr Presrv Dual-Zone Wine Cooler, $3,199 The wine refrigerator offers the same storage conditions that are found in the most prestigious wine cellars in the world, including precision temperature controls, glass insulation well as the “vibration dampening system” to limit wine disturbance until the cork pops. All that and it holds up to 138 wine bottles as a stand-alone unit or as a built-in home storage option.

Kuppet Freestanding Countertop Wine Fridge, $189: If you’re short on space, this compact, temperature-controlled wine cooler comes in two sizes (19 and 27 bottles) and can even sit on a countertop. It’s also used to keep other things cool, including drinks and beers for non-wine drinkers.

Kalamera Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator, $959: Are you an avid fan of maintaining your wine at one temperature and your red wines at another? This wine refrigerator lets you set two distinct temperature zones. Five wooden shelves that slide down can hold the equivalent of 46 bottles for most cherished drinkers.


BDI Cosmo Bar, $4,619: Don’t let the price put you off. The unit can also be used as a stunning furniture piece once the cabinet doors are shut. Additionally, aside from having room for up to 18 wine bottles, this unit can be used as a way for you to create an elegant bar for your home because of this glass rack. It also provides as well as space for cocktails and liquor tools and a counter to mix and pour cocktails.

Thrailkill 16-bottle Floor Wine bottle and glass rack, $189 A compact form meets functionality with this wine storage system that is multi-purpose. With a 16-bottle capacity, display shelf, and eight-glass chrome rack to store your stemware; this sleek piece is the perfect option for those looking to conserve space in style.

Ronixe Wall-Mounted Wine Rack, $65 each: Hang one or several of these cool, barrel-stave-inspired wine racks for a striking way to store your wine bottles. If you’re running dry of wines, the shelves offer handy towel holders, too… But then, when you’re out of alcohol, you’ll have more pressing issues than the hand drying you have to do by using.

WGX Hanging Wine Rack, $140, transforms your kitchen into an actual wine bar by installing this space-saving suspended wine rack on the ceiling. Take a glass and bottle and set up your guests while sitting on the counter to enjoy the ultimate wine-themed party.


Genuine Spiral wine cellar, contact for prices. Get your wine cellar to the highest level by creating the option of a customized underground wine cellar. The stunning wine storage system is accessible via a hidden mechanical door that opens up to an escalator that spirals down, leading you to your cherished wine collection below.

Decomil Stackable Modular Wine Rack, from $60, made of bamboo with no knots. These wine shelves that can be stacked are incredibly easy to put together with no tools, screws, nails, or even nails. The rack can hold up to 36 bottles, and you can also combine wit ith other frames for a unique DIY wine cellar.

Napa Vintner Stackable Wine Rack, from $730 It is a modular system that can be customized to offer a large array of racks in accordance with the needs of your wine storage. When combined with other frames in the collection, it is an ideal built-in cellar option that provides a stylish display, storage, and service space.

Deluxe Vintage Walk-in Wine Cellar If your collection of wine is taking over your entire home, It’s time to open up your whole house to your wine collection. The walk-in wine room is able to hold up to 90 bottles and is equipped with a Breezaire cooling unit that ensures appropriate temperature control for the wine storage.


Devin Parr is a San Diego-based freelance writer and consultant with a specialization in travel, wine, and lifestyle. In addition to focusing on the global wine industry, she’s an expert resident in Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country. She serves as the ambassador for the region for the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association. She is certified in the field of wine knowledge through the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy, in addition to a Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma. In 2017, she was named one of Wine Enthusiast magazine’s top 40 under 40 Tastemakers. Follow her adventures on The SoCal Winegal along with www.devinparr.com.

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