How to use a corkscrew

Every corkscrew is designed with a simple goal: to assist you in taking the cork out of the bottle so that you can drink your favorite drink at your bar at home. However, why, with an activity that is so easy and easy, do you have numerous types of corkscrews? There are a variety of advantages, and even though the result is similar, the procedure you use for the corkscrew is different.

The principle behind it is that you’ll need the worm, or the pointy screw-like corkscrew, to go inside the cork in order to remove it. However, the advancements in science and technology have given us a wider range of alternatives for opening the corked wine bottle and any bottle that is corked in general. There is now a vast range of options, from traditional corkscrews to electronic wine openers. This article highlights twelve of the most effective corkscrews that you can use to make a well-informed choice.

How to Use a Wing Corkscrew

A wing corkscrew is an upper handler, and the middle part of the corkscrew acts as the driller, which is enclosed by two flaps as well as two levers. The twin arms give you the extra ability to take wine corks off effortlessly. The winged corkscrews can also be called “corkscrews with arms.”

Position the opener in front of the bottle. The handle is twisted for the opener to slide into the cork. Then, lift the wings of the opener.

Utilizing both hands using both hands, pull the wings down.

To take the cork off the spiral, press the sides of the ring against the pin, then rotate the handle counter-clockwise.

Check out the following video clip to watch the procedure in the action.

How to Use a Waiter’s Corkscrew

A waiter’s corkscrew is the staff’s main feature, including the driller, retractable knife, as well as an adjustable lever that can be placed on the lip of the bottle for smoother pulling.

Set the bottle on the table or a flat surface, and then remove the foil.

Make sure you extend the double-hinged portion and then extend the worm in such a way that it is in a T-shape when it joins the handle.

By holding the bottle with your hands that are not dominant and using your dominant hand, position the worm’s tip into the center of the cork.

Turn the worm clockwise in the cork until your last loop is about the cork’s edge, making sure to maintain the straight worm while you go.

Attach the first hole on the side of your hinge that is closest to the handle at the neck of your bottle. Then, pull upwards on the handle using your hands until you feel the cork doesn’t go any further. Then, you can hook the hinge point on the bottom of the lever to the neck of the bottle and repeat the process. The cork should come out without a hitch.

To take the cork off the corkscrew, hold the pin using your hands that are not dominant and then turn it until the worm screw is removed from the hook.

For additional tips on opening a bottle using the corkscrew of a waiter, check out this video:

How to Use a Two-Step Corkscrew

A two-step corkscrew al, so referred to as the “twist and pull” corkscrew, is actually akin to the corkscrew used by waiters. It comes with the same staff that has an adjustable knife with a driller as well as a lever. It is popular in the industry because of its simplicity of usage and small dimensions that are easily stored in the pocket of a waiter. This corkscrew has all the equipment needed to open a bottle properly and give it a stylish appearance while doing it.

Utilizing the knife retractable and the retractable knife, you can lift the lid of the bottle. You can do this by dragging the edge of the blade in a circular motion along the neck of the bottle.

Then, you can place the top of the screw on the cork with a slight tilt to ensure that when you turn the screw, it is inserted through the center of the pin, not outwards.

Continue to twist the screw until it is in the cork using even pressure.

Set the hinge first of the screw onto the top of the bottle. Hold it there with your hands, then lift the cork until it is about halfway.

Then, slide the hinge that is on the top of the bottle till the cork is gone.

Some people don’t bother to remove the corkscrew’s cork and leave it damaged or smashed. It is crucial to take the pin off the corkscrew after it has been removed from the bottle and then keep it intact. In the event that you’re not enough to complete the bottle, you are able to refrigerate it in order to preserve its freshness and flavor.

To remove the corkscrew from its corkscrew, pull it from the tool, taking care not to damage it. Be sure you don’t scratch yourself with the sharp edge of the screw. Check the cork for fractures or brittleness so you can determine whether you are able to reuse it.

Below is a one-minute video showing how to make use of a two-step corkscrew:

How to Use a Laguiole Corkscrew

The Laguiole corkscrew features a simple but effective design. It is composed of a single staff in which the knife is retractable, and the driller is removed. This corkscrew does not have a lever. However, it still performs the task.

First, remove the cap by using the knife end of the screw.

Once the bottle has been opened, put the screw horizontally and then push the screw into it.

The left side of the cork is cut to lift the pin, then lift it by using its right-hand side.


The majority of alcohol enthusiasts are of the opinion that a satisfying drinking experience begins with the smooth process of opening an alcoholic beverage. It is not a good idea to be confused about the best way to use corkscrews on what should be an enjoyable time with your favorite beverage. There are a lot of ways to open a bottle of wine, and it all boils down to what is the most appropriate for your requirements.

If you’re looking for a challenge, You can also go through the article on how to open A Bottle of Wine Bottle without A Screw. Did you find the article useful? Do share it with your contacts or comment in the comments section below.

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