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I tried a Shiraz last week, people. It’s strange, at least to me. It’s been scorching hot outside, and Shiraz isn’t exactly the first drink that I’ll grab in the middle of scorching summer temperatures. We all know that this is the peak of white and rose wine time.

However, I had my reasons to choose the wine I decided this week. It’s because I had the opportunity to have the pleasure of meeting Elena Brooks, the winemaker behind this wine, two weeks ago (more to come about this in the near future, I’m sure), and I was completely in admiration of her style, manner, of approaching life and wine, as well as her delightful personality.

Elena is an amazing and well-known women-owned winemaker in McLaren Vale, Australia, and I’m convinced that she’s worth following and becoming a fan of. Her numerous initiatives and her wines are making waves across the globe. When I saw the wine in my store and had seen Elena just a few days earlier, I knew I had to try it and share my thoughts about it. I’m very happy to say it’s truly, truly excellent!

2019 Dandelion Lioness of McLaren Vale Shiraz

This week’s wine hails from the McLaren Vale region of Southern Australia. This wine is made with 100 percent Shiraz and is bound to please fans of big, bold, and New World Shiraz. Find out everything that you should learn regarding this particular wine.

What is the difference between HTML0 and Shiraz different from Syrah?

Although Shiraz and Syrah can technically be described as identical wines (the word “Shiraz” was adopted in Australia as an abbreviation for Syrah), The wines tend to be different in style. Syrahs typically are lighter and spicier while also being more herbal and gamey vs. fruity. However, Shiraz (especially from Australia) is generally made in a riper, richer, and more fruity style (N.B. this type of winemaking is usually known as “the New World style”).

Where did this wine originate?

As mentioned above, the wine comes directly from it’s the McLaren Vale wine region in South Australia. It is located approximately 110 kilometers south of the more well-known Barossa Valley and just 45 minutes from Adelaide. Adelaide, McLaren Vale is an area with rolling hills bordered by the sea and beautiful beaches. McLaren Vale is also a region that is home to very old, gnarly, and savage grape vines.

What makes this wine special?

This winemaker, Elena Brooks, creates this wine from my perspective. This is a winemaker worth observing, as per many. She makes delicious wines that are expertly designed and made. Her name is synonymous with a person who has determination, creativity, and a sincere approach to winemaking. Elena is the creator of several different wine brands. Another well-known one is known as Sister’s Run. She has been a regular prize winner in competitions and currently holds one of the more sought-after wine labels in South Australia.

Who makes this wine?

Dandelion Vineyards was founded by Elena Brooks and her husband and industry veteran, Zar Brooks. The winery was established in 2007 and, in only ten vintages (as of writing this article), has been praised by critics all over the world. Dandelion Vineyards utilizes estate fruit and other fruit from top-quality vineyards that are family-owned and operated for its wine production.

Click here for more information on Dandelion Wineries.

A couple of Wine Geek “essential facts” about the wine (feel free to leave this if you’re not concerned about a detailed explanation of how to make wine! ):

My notes on my tasting

A dark, opaque ruby that is that is tinged with violet inside the glass. This wine is characterized by a buttery and layered nose that offers notes of cassis, black plums, and blueberries, stewed black cherries bramble, violets smokey meat, and warm cooking spices. In the mouth, those flavors are revealed as intricately and pleasantly as possible. The palate opens up towards sweet milk chocolate etc, eucalyptus black pepper, and flinty notes. It is a very fruity wine. However, it’s not jammy and beautifully balanced with dusty tannins and plenty of acidity to balance the entire image.

The wine is initially somewhat closed at this point. Make sure you decant it for around an hour when you drink it prior to the time the blog was written.

A wine that is very well made, full of layers and depth, at a great value!


This wine is just delicious, and drinking it will not cost you a fortune! It’s perfect all year and is suitable for informal and formal dining and special occasions. What’s not to love?

If you’ve had this wine before or you decide to go out and taste it after reading this article, I’d love to hear from you and hear what you think about it! Please do drop me a line.


White-gold to pale but appealing and vibrant. It is preserved with Meyer citrus, custard fruits bath salts, and an unmistakable mineral scent. The aroma is distinctively the Riesling. A clean and full palate, lightly touchy towards the finish. Minerality and bath salts return and dance around the ripe yet as well as pure lines of acidity from riesling lemons. Dry and puckering. Only 11 percent ABV… and enough breath to ease the racial flurry.

This upright Riesling is a distinct and sturdy food item. It is delicious with dumplings or pasta stuffed with a sauce. Flatfish, cooked? However, going back to the beginning of Riesling.


Sister’s Run is serious fun. Our young and talented winemaker Elena wears steel cap work boots all day and has an extra pair of high-heeled shoes on the back of her vehicle, just in case of an emergency such as last-minute invitations to accept awards at gala wine shows, dinners, and other such events.

After a “knees-up” around midnight, mid-vintage, she was able to kick off one heel and slide back into a boot just as the cellar crew shouted out, “Run, Sister Run! And just at that moment, the winemaker, as well as the label, took off!

The stiletto and the boot are Sister’s Run, an independently owned and operated winery that has an unwavering commitment to producing the finest wines possible from our family’s vineyards. We do not take ourselves as seriously as we do our wines, but we do agree with Elena the only thing you have to be aware of regarding wine is the 5 ‘V’s, and keep in mind that the best wine is the one you love.

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