How to hold a wine glass

A crucial part of providing correct beverage services for your restaurant or bar is understanding how to hold a glass of wine. Properly having a wine glass ensures you look professional while also ensuring that you serve wine at the proper temperature. No matter if you’re providing or enjoying the wine, we’ll show you how to hold various kinds of glasses of wine to enable you to take part in festive wines without fear of social awkwardness. Once you’ve learned the correct method of controlling the wine glass, you can check out our wine-drinking tips to ensure you can swirl your wine with ease and expertly drink wine glasses following toasts.

Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass

The best method to hold the Glass of wine is to have it by the stem. This will help protect the wine’s temperature. Securing a wine glass to its bowl heats the contents. Learn about the different parts of a wine glass so you are able to follow our instructions for holding the wine glass.

Wine Glass Parts

Rim Rim the edge of the bowl, where your lips touch the Glass.

Bowl Bowl includes the size of the wine, and sizes can vary.

Stem Stem is a thick, long piece that connects the bowl’s base with the bowl.

The base is a flat, circular piece located at the bottom of the stem, which provides stability.

How to Hold a Stemmed Wine Glass

There are three methods to hold the stem of a wine glass:

Place the stem between your index and thumb at the point where it joins the base. Place the base’s bottom on your middle finger folded.

Use your thumb to act as a lever, and then secure the base of your index finger folded.

Put your thumb on top of the Glass with your index. Rest your other fingers naturally. To hold a wine glass gracefully, follow the previous steps and then put out the pinky fingers.

How to Hold a Stemless Wine Glass

Use your fingers to hold the unstemmed wine glass toward the bottom of the bowl. To reduce the transfer of heat, use your index, thumb, and middle finger to have the Glass. If you feel that the Glass is slipping, it could fall. Wrap your pinky and ring fingers underneath your middle finger to give stability. Stemless wine glasses provide more security than wine glass stems. They also prevent breaking and spills during dinner parties and events catered by a caterer. They’re not the best choice for tasting rooms since the majority of wines are served at room temperature. Holding the bottom of a stemless wine glass transfers heat from the hands to the Glass, which warms the wine.

How to Hold Red Wine Glass vs. White

The best ways to hold glasses of wine are similar to white and red wines. However, the necessity of the Glass to be held by its stem is more important for white wines, as Sommeliers serve chilled wines. The differences in how to have white or red glasses are below.

How to Hold a Red Wine Glass

The most effective method to hold a wine glass is to have it by the stem. This helps to maintain its optimal serving temperature. If you’re drinking red wine on the winterized patio, you can keep the wine glass close to the bowl to prevent the wine from getting chilled.

How to Hold a White Wine Glass

Because white wine is chilled and served in an uncorked wine glass, Keep the Glass in place by its stem. A white wine glass held by its branch helps to maintain the temperature at which it is served.

How to Drink Wine

Select a specific area on your wine glass that you can drink from throughout the evening. The idea is that this keeps the Glass in a better condition and the aroma fresher and stops unsightly lip marks from appearing around the edge of the Glass.

Back to TopHow to Carry Multiple Wine Glasses

In order to provide the best wine service, servers must transport several wine glasses from tables. The most secure way to carry many wine glasses is by using a non-skid tray and a special wine glass tray. If you don’t have a tray, follow these steps to carry several wine glasses without spilling their bowls and risking breaking them or spilling their rims.

Put the wine glasses in your hands. Place the base of your glasses onto your palms and allow the bowls to rest upside down on your palms.

The glass bases should be layered so that they touch your fingers or overlap with other commands. It is safe to carry as many as four glasses in this manner.

How Do You Toast Wine Glasses?

A lot of formal occasions will have toasts where you have to make sure to clink your wine glass with the glasses of your guests. The crystal glasses are susceptible to breaking if you do not properly use them. Even with stronger glasses, toasting wine glasses could cause spills, cracks, and even the transfer of germs. Reduce the risk of this with the bell-tobell method of toasting wine glasses.

What Is the Bell-To-Bell Method?

The bell-to-bell technique is a secure and effective method of clinking wine glasses. For the bell-to-bell method to be used, you need to connect the round piece in your Glass (aka its “bell”) to the bell in your clinking partner’s wine glass. If the wine glass bells meet, they emit a long-lasting sound. Glass blown by hand or machine is the most powerful ring. The heavier crystal glasses and the thicker Glass with a rolled lip do not have the same long-lasting resonance.

How to Swirl Wine

Being able to pick up an appropriate wine glass for swirling wine is crucial to running a wine-tasting space. Follow these steps for a thorough understanding of how you can properly mix wine glasses. Start by practicing the technique on a table in order to develop muscle memory. Once you’ve learned the art and are confident, you can swirl the wine around in the air. We’ve provided the most efficient way to hold a glass of wine to mix it below.

Set the wine glass down on an even surface.

The stem should be pounded until it joins with the base of your thumb and index finger.

Make little circles around the table using the Glass.

The Glass’s contents will begin to swirl. Continue the process for about 20-30 seconds.

Why Do You Swirl Wine?

Back to TopIf you’re training to become a bartender, use our guide to learn how to hold wine glasses properly. By following best practices, you can prevent wine glasses from contaminating each other during a toast or breaking during transport. If you’re trying to teach patrons how to swirl their wine, teach them the proper way to hold a wine glass with our guide.

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