How to wrap a bottle

A bottle of wine and then putting it in a slim gift bag from a store or simply putting the bow on the top is my usual method of gifting the wine bottle to guests at a party, friends, or even special teachers during this time of the year. However, I’m now rethinking my stale gift-wrapping methods after observing so many innovative, simple, and fun ways to package a bottle of wine for the holiday season.

Most importantly, I’m sharing ideas using wrapping supplies that you may already have at home or are able to purchase from a variety of stores.

I’m talking about the entire reason to give wine away is the ease of it! (Well, and also delicious.) The last thing that most of us would like to do is go on an endless hunt for wine wrappers that are specific to a particular region.

Remember that these ideas can work with other bottles of gifts besides wines: Prosecco and sparkling wines, champagne and a beer bomber and flavored liquors, a non-alcohol cocktail such as The Curious Elixir, and olive oil.

Cover a bottle of wine with Kraft paper with an elegant flair

Utilitarian Kraft paper gets festive as it wraps an alcoholic bottle, according to the lovely Christine of Boston Mamas. I like this idea from the online seller Terrain I came across on her website. The splash in color on the bottle’s neck can be created by a small wreath or garland, as illustrated above, or by adding some fancy ribbons. If you’ve got better handwriting than I do, you may write your text on the bottle in the style of chalkboards if the paper is black-white kraft paper.

I have a lot of kraft paper that I’ve saved from the Amazon packages I’ve received this year. However, it would be best if you also visited Terrain’s store online for more luxurious kraft paper options.

Wrap a wine bottle around a brand-new tea towel

I am in love with this idea of The Everygirl that turns an elegant tea towel into furoshiki or the Japanese fabric wrap. The towel is an additional present that can be hung in their kitchen even after the bottle is empty. The website even provides the steps to follow for two distinct ways to wrap your bottle of wine, something that this gift wrapper would appreciate greatly.

Wrap a wine bottle with tissue newspaper

In less than two minutes, Martha Stewart will show you how to transform two pieces of tissue paper into wrapping wine in a beautiful way for the holidays. I like her simple tips for making it look amazing. I’ve attempted wrapping my bottles before, but the final product looks like I made it by hand. When it’s night, this is the reverse of the other.

The wine bottle can be wrapped with a fringe

If you want to entertain yourself when watching your favorite holiday films with your children, This is a great idea to make the perfect fringe-covered wine bottles. I love the idea of Proper, which suggests making use of something called fringe cutters that crafty people might have lying around. The good news is that regular scissors can do the trick too. You might require an extra film.

Wrap a bottle of wine in upcycled sweater sleeves

When you are ready to discard that Christmas sweater you’ve been wearing for a while or ones your kids have outgrown have a look at this innovative idea to recycle sweater sleeves to make a wine sleeve. Whoa! In order to ensure there’s no broken wine to worry about, Oh My! Creative provides instructions on how to stitch the sleeve’s bottom up. Don’t be concerned that it’s easy. Additionally, your old sweater sleeves can be used to give away bottles of wine over and over repeatedly, making it a green option.

Cover a bottle of wine and tie it with labels and gift tags that can be printed

Print out the paper and print your gift tags to place on top of your gift bottle wine. I am amazed by Party Delight’s set of 8 funny holiday-themed tags and the easy instructions she gives on how to get the tags to look neat above the top of the bottle. In reality, you’ll require only scissors. Whoo!

Modify the label on your wine bottle with the option of a customized version

It’s simple to swap the label on your wine bottle to get elegant wine labels that are available from Berry Berry Sweet, which are on sale for a 50 percent discount on Etsy. You can edit them so that you can add the name of your family and a special message. You can be as cute or sweet as you’d like.

I like the fact that you can also label the wine’s varietal on the label’s top, such as Merlot, Chardonnay, or Two-Buck Chuck.

To celebrate Hanukkah, Liz found these hilarious Hanukkah labelings for wine recently at The Ritzy Rose. They are perfect for grape and Manischewitz juice as well.

Another alternative to those eight days of Hanukkah? These fun, free, printable Hanukkah wine labels are available at Better Homes & Gardens. You need to remove them and then paste them over your brand.

Wrap wine into a gift basket as part of a DIY Wine-of-the-Month gift basket

Do you want to impress your recipient? Take a look at the DIY Wine of the Month Gift Basket from The Creative Bite, which goes much further than the single bottle that is an ideal hostess gift.

The tags she created here using a special craft machine. However, I believe you could visit her website for ideas and design your version using your computer or perhaps using handwritten tags.

If the recipient adheres to your guidelines to open only one bottle every month, they’ll make an ode to you each month in 2020 to thank you for being a thoughtful and generous gift-giver. Cheers!

Written by Christina Refford

Christina Refford is a longtime CMP contributor who has become a Senior Associate Editor. She’s from MA and is a striking mom of three (including two college kids!) who all eat completely different food, so that’s a win. She is a fan of running and cooking, social media cleaning, family travel animals, staying away from terrifying films, and, of course, coffee. It’s not at all in this place.

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