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Have you received Instagram advertisements in support of Shop Cider? Perhaps you’ve seen their vibrant, fun, playful posts on your most-loved TikTok influencer? My friend recommended this new business (founded at the end of 2020), and after a Google search, I began receiving regular social media advertisements for several weeks.

I’ve been searching for some brand names that I can say are more eco-friendly than Shein; however, I still have a price to recommend. Cider seemed to be a good fit.

It was the advertisement for this polo in striped stripes that enticed me. I was eyeing the $300 version at Shopbop and a $100 version on Madewell. Shein had it for less than $20, but top-quality knits aren’t Shein’s forte. The price of $30 for Shop Cider (and the inundation of commercials) made me want to try it.

History of Cider Clothing

Cider was created in the year 2020 (in the midst of an epidemic!) by four friends who wanted to find an environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, and accessible fashion choice. By 2021, they had more than 1 million followers on Instagram and have also used the social networks (on IG and TikTok) to help them grow.

You’ve probably seen the adorable orange sweater from last year or something similar to it, bright and colorful, from Cider on Instagram, your most loved influencer. Shop Cider’s most important marketing strategy is on social media. If you do spend time on the platform in the following article, you’ll find their ads appearing everywhere.

Is Cider Legit? My Shopping Experience + Shop Cider Review

So I finally bit the bullet and bought the striped knit polo. I also added a few other items to my shopping cart (for market research, of course, but hey!). I chose things in two sizes so it was easier to compare, and I made my purchase (a sweater and a vest, a top, and a pair of pants).

I ordered the item just prior to Christmas and did not expect it to be delivered promptly (holiday shipping delays along with other delays). It was a surprise when, ten days later, I received notification that my shipment was delayed and that my account had been credited the amount of $8. The package arrived one week later (just three business days beyond the time frame specified), which is fairly typical for the retail industry during that time of December.

The products were delivered in two separate packages due to the fact that the pants I ordered were back ordered (this was stated on the page for the product when I placed my order, so I expected it).

First Impressions

I was enthralled by this striped polo from the bag! The bow top wasn’t well enough for me (it seemed thin, the bow was larger than I anticipated, and it appeared to be an oversized fitting), and it appeared smaller than I expected. My general rule, however, is that I’m not ready to make a judgment until I’ve tried it on with my hair and makeup to see what the final look is.


I’ll provide detailed descriptions of the high-end quality product in the mini-reviews that are below; however, overall, the overall quality of the item is not great. The more hefty knits appear to be lesser in quality than Madewell (and at more than 1/3 the cost, that’s quite decent); however, the pants are thin and unlined.

Concluding: Would I purchase through Shop Cider again?

Yes, if it’s something I love about a particular style, I’ll buy it at Shop Cider. On the whole, I’ll choose higher-end and more durable brands to purchase pieces that I can be rougher with and make more use of.

However, for dresses and designer sweaters I put on with the base layer, I’ll keep an eye out for these (and most likely succumb to an advertisement on Instagram).

Is Shop Cider Safe?

Shop Cider is a reputable brand for fast fashion with millions of consumers. Most of the time, I’ll still utilize PayPal when shopping at these kinds of retailers to safeguard my credit card data.

Cider Shipping

There is a processing time for in-stock items. After 1-3 days, your products in stock will ship. It can require 4 to 8 working days for delivery, based on the shipping method you choose.

The item I purchased was back-ordered and, therefore, was delivered later than the other items.

How long will Cider take to arrive?

There are two options for shipping when ordering in America. United States. Standard flat rate shipping at $4.99 (free for orders of more than $39). Standard shipping allows you to expect your order to arrive within 5 to 7 working days.

You can also opt for express shipping (flat price of $15.00) to receive products within 4-6 business days.

I made an order on December 21.

On December 31, I received an email stating a delayed delivery of my order. As an apology, they credited me with an amount of $8 to my credit card.

The next day, I received an email confirming that my package was shipped.

On January 5, my order was shipped (the remainder of the order arrived two days after that).

Where is Cider Clothing shipped from?

Cider is shipped from its main Chinese warehouse in China. Cider has a partnership with DHL to export its products.

Cider Clothing Sizing Guide

I discovered that Cider clothing fits exactly to the size. The Cider items I purchased, which were cropped, were much more cut than similar pieces from other brands.

Cider designs clothes from XS- 4XL.

Tips for Shopping on Cider

Okay, so Shop Cider is a legit website. But how do you find truly amazing products? With over ten million products to pick from across numerous types, how do you discover something that you’ll like?

Read the Cider Clothing Reviews

The most effective way to improve the experience you get from Cider is to go through reviews on products prior to making a purchase. It’s helpful not just to determine if the product has favorable reviews but also to look over the review’s comments on sizing, quality, and material, as well as color.

You can determine the quality of a product, if it is overly large or running small, by reading the reviews. It’s also useful to examine the pictures posted and compare them with the images of the product.

Follow the Cider size measurements

Even if you’re normally an XS size and believe that the size guide could be inaccurate since it’s telling you to buy a large one, trust the size guide. Remember, sizes vary across all sites, so keep a measuring tool at hand and be sure to take note of the measurements for each product that you add to your cart. It’s also useful to read the reviews of customers on Cider’s sizes.

Prepare yourself to steam and dry your hair

From the packaging, the pieces are quite wrinkled and unappealing; however, they do clean up nicely. I usually dry delicate clothing, and Cider pieces aren’t any different. Make sure you have an iron on hand ( this is my preferred one on Amazon) to refresh your clothes.

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