Blue lagoon cocktail

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Blue Lagoon Drink is among the most beautiful Blue Curacao drinks that is like summer in glasses. Freshly tart and sweet, it is made using vodka as well as Blue Curacao Liquor. The best part is that this Blue Lagoon drink is an easy summer cocktail to prepare!

It’s a stunning drink. Blue Lagoon Cocktail is beautiful and delicious. My preferred cocktail combo! I’ve created various Blue Curacao drinks, such as this Blue Hawaiian (which is deliciously creamy!); however, I’m the first that I’ve made Blue Curacao and clear mixers. I love how vibrant the blue drink is.

In this Blue Lagoon drink recipe, I found that adding a little additional ingredient created a smoother drink. The traditional Blue Lagoon recipe is delicious, but I think you’ll love this quick trick to cut down on the slight bitterness of Blue Curacao.

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What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like?

Blue Curacao is a liqueur made from orange. However, it’s less sweet than other orange liqueurs, like triple sec. Blue Curacao is made from peels of oranges from the Laraha orange, which is a bitter orange. It’s actually such a bitter fruit that it isn’t even edible.

The Laraha peels of orange, as well as spices, sugar, and Alcohol, combine to make this liqueur with a citrus flavor with a slightly bitter finish.

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Why is Blue Curacao Blue?

The blue color is derived directly from blue food colorings. In the development of the liqueur, it was added colors in order to create something more appealing and exotic. In reality, there are a variety of colors available for Curacao liqueur, such as red, orange, and green. In addition, adding blue helped to market drinks.

The introduction of the blue color was about marketing and increasing sales. It proved to be successful! Blue-colored cocktails create the sensation of a tropical atmosphere that takes us to a gorgeous white sandy beach that is lined by palms and a Caribbean ocean lagoon. An excellent marketing strategy. Who doesn’t love an exotic cocktail?

History of the Blue Lagoon Cocktail

This cocktail is straight from Paris! It was created by Andy McElhone, who was the son of Harry McElhone. Harry established Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1911, which became well-known during the heydays of Paris. Particularly in the 1920s during the US Prohibition era.

He was credited with the creation of many other popular cocktails, including The Bloody Mary (I still can’t believe that this drink wasn’t invented in New Orleans! ), the Sidecar, and the White Lady. Andrew “Andy” took over following the death of his father and is believed to have invented this thrilling blue drink in 1972.

More Blue Curacao Drinks

Blue Hawaiian – an icy blue drink created using coconut cream, rum, along with pineapple juice.

Electric Smurf – A mix of coconut Rum, lemon-lime soda, and pineapple juice.

Blue Jello Shots from Hawaii Enjoy this tropical drink as a shot of jello.

Purple Rain Drink Pineapple juice Blue Curacao, along with red grenadine, creates a stunning purple drink.

Blue Mojito Recipe: A new variation on the classic drink everyone enjoys.

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Ingredients

The Blue Lagoon is actually a basic drink that requires only three ingredients. Here’s the standard recipe:

Maraschino Cherries on a drink umbrella (I make use of these umbrellas to drink in tropical weather).

Alternate Garnish Ideas: Slices of orange or lemon Slice.

How to Make the Blue Lagoon Cocktail

This recipe is easy and simple, which means that you can serve them any time!

The first step is to fill The tulip, or the hurricane glass, with Ice. The hurricane Glasses are the most attractive!

Step 2. Add one shot of your preferred vodka.

Step 3. Include a shot of Blue Curacao.

Fourth step: Finish with five to six grams of lemonade.

5. Make a lemon-shaped wheel, an orange slice, a tropical drink umbrella, and some Maraschino cherries to garnish.

My Best Blue Lagoon Drink Tip

In other Blue Curacao cocktails, like the Blue Hawaiian, the creamy ingredients basically take away the slightly bitter finish that is characteristic of Blue Curacao. If the bitterness of the finish isn’t for you, I’d suggest my preferred method is adding the juice of an orange. This helps to soften the bitter taste and blends perfectly with the liqueur of orange.

Even with Orange juice’s splash, it’s still a refreshing drink. Blue Lagoon drink is still a stunning blue beverage. So, don’t be concerned it won’t diminish the appeal of this drink!


In case you aren’t able to find lemonade on your shelf, you can make it using lemon juice from fresh and simple syrup.

After snapping pictures of this delicious Blue Lagoon cocktail, I walked out to take in the sunset at my water… YUM.

The Blue Lagoon cocktail is deliciously refreshing! I want to suggest you try it with a splash of orange juice since it helps to make it more smooth.

What Does Blue Curacao Taste Like?

If you opt for the most famous brand, The Original Curacao Liqueur, you’ll get an astringent but sweet orange taste.

The bitter orange flavor comes through the extraction of oil from dry peels from the Laraha orange that is grown locally in Curacao. The actual fruit that comes from the Laraha orange is bitter to consume. However, the peels of orange are used in the making of this liquor. The oils extracted from the peels of oranges are mixed with Alcohol and sugar (made by sugar cane) together with their unique “secret blend of spices” to give the unique flavor.

There are many other kinds of Blue Curacao liquors to pick from. Be aware that they’re likely made of different types of oranges, which might result in different flavors. Other brands appear to be a bit sweeter, and that’s fine; however, to prevent the Blue Hawaiian from getting too sweet, you’ll need to take a small cut on the coconut cream.

Is it true that Blue Curacao has Alcohol?

Yes, it is. The official definition is from 15% to 40 percent alcohol per liter. How much Alcohol you consume is contingent on the brand you choose to purchase.

Its Genuine Curacao Liqueur is 31 percent per volume. The most well-known brand from Dekuyper comes in at 24%. The Hiram Walker Blue Curacao Liqueur is 15 percent per volume. It is evident that each brand is unique and may be slightly different in taste and alcohol content. But they’ll all produce beautiful blue beverages!

I’m a big fan of more Alcohol, and this recipe requires The Real Curacao Liqueur.

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