Card drinking games

If drinking games are an important part of your social life or you’ve not played the Solo Cup in 15 years, Certain events (think holidays and family reunions, as well as housewarming celebrations) require fun, alcohol-free interactions around an assortment of cards.

With this in mind, we’ve created our top 10 list of drinking games using cards, without Ping Pong balls, qu, Arters, or other props needed. They’re probably familiar to you, and you may have played them once or twice; however, who wouldn’t need to refresh their memory?

Here are ten of the most popular drinking game games. Be aware that, like numerous rituals associated with alcohol in the culture of drinking, rules for drinking games differ based on location or personal preference, as well as other highly subjective factors. The following guidelines adhere to our policies. However, we strongly recommend setting your own rules for your home.


For this ultimate party, you’ll require a deck of decks, glass, and plenty of beer. The cup is put between the people seated around it. Players alternate, selecting one of the cards from the deck. Each is a predetermined move. Here’s the breakdown:

Seven: Heaven. The player who chooses the card holds their hands up, and so do the other players. The one who is the last to do this drinks.

Eight: Choose a partner. The player selects a “mate” to drink with them throughout the game.

Nine: Make a rhyme. The participant picks one term, i.e., “beer,” and every player is given the opportunity to speak words that rhyme with the chosen term, i.e., cheer near, clear, fear or deer, etc. You know the pattern. The process continues until one is unable to think of a suitable word and is required to drink.

Ten: Categories. Similar to nine, however, the player who draws the card selects a specific category, like “wine regions,” after which each participant will name one region, such as Bordeaux, Chianti, Jerez, and so on. until the player is unable to think of one. The person drinks.

Jack Heard: Never. The person who chooses the card declares something they’ve never done before, i.e., “Never have I ever drunk an Espresso Martini.” Anyone who has had an Espresso Martini must drink.

Queen: Questions. The person who has chosen the card is asked to answer a question. In the absence of answers, the person is able to ask another person another question, and the next time, they ask another to ask another question, and then on. If a person is unable to answer a question or is unable to think of a different question to ask, then they take a drink.

King: Set rules. The player proposes an order to apply to everyone throughout the rest of the game. i.e., players must drink with both hands; players are required to make a bizarre sound before drinking, and so on. If someone doesn’t adhere to the rule, they are required to take another drink. The process will continue until the subsequent player chooses the king card and then makes an additional rule to be observed up until the next time a king card is selected.

Circle of Death / Ring of Fire

To create a Circle of Death, everyone gathers around a table with their drinks. Pick a dealer. The players are required to refer to their dealer by”the “dealer of death,” and if they refer to the dealer by another name, they are required to consume alcohol for five minutes.

The game starts with the player, who is the “dealer of death.” handing out the cards clockwise and facing up, beginning with the player to their left. If a deal to the player is matched to the opposite side in either suit or number, that card will be “active.” All players with active cards must drink for the duration of time equivalent to the amount of money on the card. “The “dealer of death” is in charge of calculating the minutes when the cards are dealt. In the event that you, the “dealer of death,” are drinking, they are able to count the time when they tap the table. The game is over when all the cards have been taken.

A different version features a beer full in the middle of the circle. When a player is unable to complete the process while drawing their cards, then they have to drink the entire beer.

Asshole / President

This lewd-deck game is slightly more tactical. (Its predecessor is an old Japanese game known as Dai Hinmin, or “very poor man.”) You’ll require cards, beer cups for each participant, and the infamous “asshole” hat. Four players minimum is the ideal number of players.

The goal of the game’s objective is to allow every player to clear from their decks. The cards are ranked from low to highest and begin with four. Ace is the highest. Two is considered to be a “clear” card, meaning when someone discards the number two, it removes the table and restarts the round. Three is a wildcard, which means it can be any number, with the exception of two. But, two threes could be played as a single number, which means it is able to be a clear round.

In addition, triples or doubles of any regular card have an increased value than any normal card. For instance, two 5s are more valuable than a six, while three 5s are more than two kings. Four cards of any kind could also be enough to clear the round.

In the beginning, dealers distribute all the cards, excluding the joker. The player who has four clubs is the one who starts the game by placing the one in the middle.

Player two is the person who can make a card that is higher than the card that was placed on the table. The process continues until no one has produced a card higher than the other. The first person who puts all their cards in the middle is the president during the next round. The person who is the last to take their cards is called the asshole. They are required to wear an asshole cap (often the beer bottle case). The person that is placed in the second position is the president.

In the following round, the president will begin in the 2nd round, putting one of their cards on the table. The president may swap their worst cards in exchange for the best of the asshole’s cards. The president may also prepare drinks for the players at any point. Vice presidents can also serve any player a drink, excluding the president. The president should never be forced to serve his own drink.

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