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If you take a look at the trends in sales across the country, Irish whiskey has been growing in popularity for a long time. It has led to increasing numbers of consumers deciding to taste Irish whiskey to see for themselves. The most common question, however, the most important one to ask is “Where to begin?”

For most people, the easiest way to answer that question is to opt for one of the biggest, best-known names in the market and take it from there.

In fact, Jameson Irish whiskey is probably the most well-known method for people to begin to Irish whiskey. However, there are many alternatives available that may not be easily identifiable to the average consumer. In this regard, we’ll give you a brief review of what you should know before you begin.

Select an Irish whiskey that has a smooth and silky-smooth finish

If you’re a beginner in whiskey, it is best to go for a whisky with a smooth or silky end. This should be the first choice. It’s the primary reason Irish whiskey has become so well-loved because there’s less alcohol burned in drinking than in other whiskey types. This is why it’s perceived as more palatable. Indeed, a lot of new Irish whiskey drinkers have said that the drink may feel “quite delicate” in the mouth but not as harsh as they had hoped for. If you’re reading reviews on Irish whiskey, search for descriptive words such as “smooth” or “silky.”

Don’t be tempted to spend the most costly Irish whiskey

Yes, there’s a direct link between the price and the quality; however, this doesn’t mean you’re forced to compromise in terms of quality if you go to purchase an Irish whiskey with a price of less than $20 for a bottle. Two options that are top-of-the-line at this price are Clontarf and 2 Gingers.

Clontarf has received rave reviews from people who are new Irish drinking enthusiasts and is an ideal option to replace Jameson as a start-up. Clontarf is a mass-market blend of Irish whiskey. It’s often described as light and delicious and is an excellent first introduction to Irish whiskey for a reasonable cost. The Clontarf retail price ranges between $15.99 to $19.99 for 750ml bottles.

Experiment with whiskey that is made in pots

If you’ve decided to play around with Irish whiskey, one word that you’ll begin to notice quickly can be “pot still whiskey.” This is a precise phrase that describes how whiskey is made. It is made by mashbills made of unmalted as well as malted barley, which is later made into a copper pot.

A great introduction to whiskey made in the pot still includes Green Spot, which is aged for at least eight years. Green Spot is a mix of one-quarter sherry oak-aged whiskey and three-quarters barrel-aged bourbon whiskey. It’s often described as one of the most effective options for a first introduction to single-pot still whiskey for those who are new to it.

A great way to test the distillation of whiskey in pots is to make it an element of your whiskey flight where you can sample at least three distinct Irish whiskies in one go. The majority of whiskey drinkers who have been drinking for a long time say the pot still whisky should be considered the second kind of whiskey to test, just like the mass-market whiskeys such as Jameson and Clontarf. Some even claim that the pot-still whiskey was the reason why they became enthralled with Irish whiskey in the first place. You’ll get a more substantial body and a smoother mouth and can sense the effort and time that went into the making of it.

Try a single-malt whiskey

If there’s a unique malt Irish whiskey that you should explore, then you should try Bushmills. It’s now the second largest distiller in Ireland, with a variety of choices across a range of price ranges. For beginners, however, an excellent first choice for Irish whiskey to consider is Bushmills Single Malt 10-Year-Old. The whiskey is reasonably priced, widely available, and has a delicious flavor. Bushmills describes the Single Malt as being a blend of aromas and flavors that include vanilla, honey, and milk chocolate. There’s no burning or taste, but just the flavor. Furthermore, Bushmills Irish whiskey has been triple-distilled, meaning you can be sure you’re receiving the best high-end quality. Most importantly, Bushmills are affordable and readily accessible.

Find whiskies that have been awarded with awards

In 2010, the Whiskey Bible named Redbreast “Top Irish Whiskey of the Year.” However, even while Redbreast may lack the brand acceptance of Jameson or Bushmills, it consistently receives accolades for being the top all-around Irish whiskey. The best choice for Irish whiskey enthusiasts would be Redbreast 12-Year-Old. It is among the whiskies with the greatest accessibility that the distillery has to offer.

Make a small batch of craft whiskey

With the rise of the craft distilling movement, it’s just logical that we’re seeing the emergence of top crafts distillers from Ireland. One of the most popular can be found in Teeling Small Batch, which many believe to be of exceptional quality and even better than an ordinary whiskey such as Clontarf. Teeling is a top blended Irish whiskey that’s matured in rum casks. This gives it a sweet and accessible flavor.

Starting for less than $20

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to begin your journey in the world of Irish whiskey. What’s intriguing, naturally, is the fact the fact that “getting started with Irish whiskey” is often a synonym for “getting started with whiskey.” It’s surprising the number of people who first attempt Irish whiskey prior to exploring Scotch as well as Bourbon. It’s crucial to do things right from the very beginning, or else you’ll become averse to whiskey to go with lighter spirits.

This is why Irish whiskey is so distinctive when it comes to taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. It’s typically smooth and silky and has many batter-coated mouthfeels. It’s also possible to start at just $20 if you select a brand such as Clontarf, which is recognized to be of similar quality to Jameson but at less than the cost. There are a variety of bars and restaurants that offer whiskey tastings as well as wine tastings. So look for opportunities to taste Irish whiskey with a small group of your most beloved family or friends. It will be easy to understand the reason why there are numerous Irish whiskey enthusiasts across America, and the national market is increasing and showing real growth.

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