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If you’re thinking Shiraz when you think of Australian red wines, consider this: Pinot Noir was one of the first grape varieties to be introduced in from the Land Down Under at the beginning of the 19th century. Century. While it is a tiny area of vineyards and is approximately 3 percent of the wines produced within Australia, Pinot Noir from some of the country’s cool regions, such as Tasmania, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Adelaide Hills, can make an enormous impression on your palate. You can expect a strong New World style with flavors of black cherries, raspberries, and spices encased with opulent tannins. Pinot Noir grown in cool climates will display outstanding freshness and well-integrated acids.

Australian Pinot Noir can be enjoyed with a variety of food items, such as the pulled pork of Seared Tuna Peking duck or grilling meat chops from veal. In the typical Australian style, it could be equally casual and elegant, so you can try pairing it with simple dishes like fresh hamburgers off the grill or a sophisticated dish like a roast of lamb. If you have vegetarians on your table, It’s great with roast or fresh beets and mushrooms or even rice. Below are the top nine Australian Pinot Noirs to drink this summer.

Dalrymple 2021 Pipers River Pinot Noir Tasmania Australia

This tasty Pinot Noir is from Tasmania and is blended with grapes that are grown within the Pipers River, Coal River Valley, and Swansea. Pipers River’s coastal location makes it cooler, and the grapes grown there provide structure to the wine, while the grapes from Coal River Valley add softness and silky tannins. Dalrymple 2021 smells of red and black cherries as well as Christmas baking spice. Notes of red fruits that are ripe and covered in soft, smooth tannins.

Giant Steps 2021 Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir Yarra Valley Australia

Giant Steps in Yarra Valley produces incredible Pinot Noirs, and visitors to the winery should be sure to request their pizzas when they go for a tasting of wine. They also have a Sourdough “mother” starter that has been used for a long time to make delicious thin-crust pizzas. Make sure to combine it with the Sexton Vineyard wine. Noir. The vineyard was planted in 1997 and is currently reaching its peak. The wine is stunning and is scented with aromas of dark, deep red cherry cobbler and raspberry with hints of clove and cinnamon. In the mouth, there are intense flavors of ripe red fruits and cassis, with a perfect structure and smooth backbone of tannic.

Bass Phillip 2020 Premium Pinot Noir Gippsland Australia

The grapes that make Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir produce fewer fruits than other varieties. However, the team behind the winemaking believes that the grapes have a higher flavor intensity and make excellent wines. Following fermentation, the wines are permitted to go through malolactic ferment in the barrel. This results in more creamy tasting (and the sensation of) wine. The 2020 wine has aromas of red currant, red raspberries, and dark cherry, with a strong smoky aroma of vanilla in the front. The palate offers complex, fresh fruit flavors, with the scents of cherry vanilla and baking spices that are brown and wrapped with silky layers of delicate tannins. It is a truly elegant Pinot Noir made in Australia.

Moorooduc 2019 Pinot Noir Mornington Peninsula Australia

Vintners Richard McIntyre and Jeremy Magyar opt to harvest their grapes by hand, then completely remove them and allow natural fermentation with just wild yeasts. The 2019 spent a total of 20 days macerating on skins. The resulting wines were allowed to go through natural malolactic fermentation inside the barrel. The wine was matured over 17 months inside the barrel using only one rack. It was then bottle-bottled without filtering or fining. It’s a deep garnet hue with aromas of black cherries, dried herbs, and the fresh scent of Shitake mushrooms. It’s got ripe black and red fruit flavors with hints of pomegranate and cranberry to the post-palate. The tannins are soft, and there’s a pleasant blast of bright acidity towards the close.

By Farr 2019 Tout Pres Pinot Noir Geelong Australia

Gary, as well as Robyn Farr, bought their first estate in the early 1990s. Today, their holdings are 130 acres, with 36 acres under cultivation. It’s situated about 60 miles to the south of Melbourne, located in the Moorabool Valley between Geelong and Ballarat. The soils are mostly volcanic, adding a bit of smoke and minerality to the wines. This year’s Tout Pres has concentrated aromas of red plum, dark cherry, and red raspberries. It’s smooth on the palate with a silky mouthfeel and voluptuous tannins and smells of crushed purple violets, cherries, vanilla, and the juice of pomegranate.

Mayer 2021 Close Planted Pinot Noir Yarra Valley Australia

The winemaker Timo Mayer was raised in an artisanal winemaking family in Wurttemberg, Germany. Even though the family has an extensive history of over 400 years there, Timo and his American wife Rhonda were enthralled by Australia and decided to choose the Yarra Valley to be their home. In 2004, he started making whole-bunch ferments to make wines with greater complexity. Timo is often credited with inventing this European technique for the production of wine within the Australian valley. The 2021 Pinot Noir has aromas of mature red fruits, baking spices in brown and a hint of smoke, and a hint of bristle in its bouquet. Red strawberry, red plum, and strawberry are covered with soft tannins in the mouth. There’s a nice refreshing acidity splash in the post-palate.

Bindi 2021 Dixon Pinot Noir Macedon Ranges Australia

In the past few years, the owner and winemaker, Michael Dhillon, has been nominated for Viticulturist of the Year, Winemaker of the Year, and Winery of the Year. If you have a taste of his wines, you’ll see that these awards are highly deserved. The 2021 is medium cherry red in the glass, with the aromas of fresh red cherries as well as pomegranate juice and rose petals. It is a mouthful of crushed violets, red cherries str, strawberries, and red raspberries. It is a good weight in the mouth and an incredibly tannic backbone. It also has an excellent long final.

Tolpuddle 2021 Pinot Noir Tasmania Australia

The grapes used for Tolpuddle were picked by hand and fermented using whole berries as well as whole bunches. The winemaker favors fermenters with an open top and gently dips the grapes in order to remove tannins as well as color from the skins. It is matured within French oak barrels, with around one-third being brand fresh. Its bouquet is complex and includes ripe red fruit anise, as well as the scent of fennel fronds. On the palate, the flavors of red raspberry, blueberry, along with red plum. The dried ginger, cinnamon, and the spice of nutmeg enhance them. The tannins are soft, and the finish is a hint of spice towards the final.

Shaw + Smith 2021 Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills Australia

The winery’s name was coined by the winemaker Martin Shaw and Master of Wine Michael Hill Smith in 1989 in the Adelaide Hills. The company currently has an area of 145 acres spread across Lenswood, Piccadilly, and Balhannah. This vintage of 2021 is medium-bodied and has scents of black raspberry, red cherry, and black raspberry, along with the candied peel of orange. In the mouth, you will find dark fruit flavors like black plum and cassis; however, there is a hint of baking spices in brown that lead the pack before the enticing final.

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