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By accepting Indigenous culture and walking along with an outdoors lifestyle, Perth is evolving into a more unique, as said by Cass Lynch, a researcher, writer, author, and south coast Nyoongar woman.


There’s a wide selection of food to eat along William Street north of the CBD. With all the rent-related activity within the metropolis, plenty of new operators have set up their businesses here. Streets are lined with trees, and you get this feeling of walking across the country and having an idea of the location you’re in. The Wines of While is a natural wine bar that draws an audience. I love No Mafia, a pasta bar that overlooks the street.

I enjoy Peoples Cafeteria: the whole area is somewhere between a communal kitchen and an ala carte restaurant. It’s very casual and friendly. It’s a great place to take a seat on these chairs and eat the homemade way of cooking, which is served as a buffet. It calls into question how we feed people. I can’t think of any other similar to it in Perth. That’s probably why I love it so much. It’s simply so unique.

We had a wedding in the Little Way in Nedlands, and I loved the food. It’s a beautiful location because it’s lush and green, and we didn’t need decorations. There are different zones, including two courtyards. It’s brunch, but the food is contemporary. The menu includes mushroom gnocchi, seafood pasta, as well as delicious desserts and cocktails. Breakfast is served, and you take a Shakshuka. They’ve got the patience and know-how to create this kind of brunch food and not just the standard things.

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The new museum, Boola Bardip, is amazing and has a deep understanding of West Australian Aboriginal culture. It’s a stunning presence. However, it also has an amazing knowledge of Yamatji’s stars from the country. The exhibit is also great about rising sea levels with a tale from my gang down to the south coast.

Since Boola Bardip is a newly opened museum, it carries the feelings of where we’re headed and the way we got there. It’s a fantastic location to go for a visit since it’s new and more relevant, I believe, in relation to the place that Perth people are today.


Inglewood has been booming lately. Hoodburger (a well-known burger joint that has a wine bar as well) is in the area, and there’s a stunning nail salon named Kustom Klaws that has large neon signs on the front and a pink interior with leopard prints.

We also love the Civic. It’s a casual, enjoyable pub. It’s not trendy and dog-friendly. You can enjoy a fantastic dish of fries. My friend Dave typically has the steak sandwich when we’re there.

Green space

John Oldham Park John Oldham Park is situated just beyond the CBD and is breathtaking. While there’s a bus stop at the front, however, it’s a bit secretive. Inside, it’s gorgeous and even has an impressive waterfall.

The people of Perth like to hike around. We enjoy a great climate and this gorgeous river. It’s as if the city has settled in slightly and is looking to make it more accessible to those who walk.


Si Paradiso on Beaufort Street is a wonderful spot because it’s outside in the open. It draws people to the culture of beer gardens in which we can relax outside under the sun. I don’t enjoy being in places anymore. This is the reason I love festivals because everything is outdoors.

In the evening, Si Paradiso is great. Pizza is always good, and sometimes, it hosts tickets for dance music performances.


We enjoyed a staycation at the Alex Hotel (from $243 per night) following our wedding. It’s a small hotel and has a roof, too, which is lovely. I loved breakfast that included Bread that was served in Common Bread. It was a great, relaxing way to begin the day. Because you’re near the center of town, there’s excellent food and plenty to do in the surrounding area.

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Perth CBD

The State Buildings is a classic stunning venue that gets better. Recently, it was renovated to make it even more gorgeous, elegant, traditional, and timeless in the Petition wine bar, Merchan, and the State Buildings; there’s an array of amazing wines to be found here. Relax and enjoy a paired cheese platter to accompany your wine. There are a variety of whites, reds, naturals, and bubbles.

Oranges (you can name it, they’ve had oranges (you name it, they’ve got). There are plenty of options.

Heritage Wine Bar

If you’re a fan of international draughts, This one is ideal for you. The pretty lounge at Brookfield Place is Heritage, the chic and chic wine bar, as well as the takeaway restaurant we all love. You can dine on menus a la carte or set menus and drink selected wine from the massive wine menu. There are pages and pages of wine from every part of Australia, France, New Zealand and New Zealand, the United States, Italy,

Lalla Rookh

Comfortable chairs, hearty pasta, and premium wines are waiting for your guests in Lalla Rookh. On St. George’s Terrace, you can sit in the main dining room or go to the enoteca-style wine-tasting room. You can indulge in a bottle from the extensive list of wines (we’re talking about more than 300 labels), which is curated by Sommelier Jeremy Prus, which you can take home or bring to the restaurant for a sip. Combine this with one of those delectable pasta dishes that are prepared in the kitchen, and you’ll be set for the evening.

Bar Lafayette

If you’re looking for a bit of historical background, why not try the Bar Lafayette to plan your next wine-fuelled experience? It is a stunning spot inside the heritage-listed 1910 Perth Technical School building; they serve exquisite cocktails in beautiful places. Sit down on the beautiful seating and enjoy glasses of Riesling straight from Germany. Please go on; you deserve it.


In the middle of the basement of Brookfield Place is where you’ll locate Bobeche. It’s the ideal spot to have a relaxing date or group gathering with dimly lit interiors and late-night food; head down on a Tuesday to Saturday for a relaxed night with great wine and food. Bar bites are served from the amazing cuisine of Heritage Wine Bar. 4 pm until 6 pm is the best time to go since they’re offering the wines at $10 as well as cheeky cocktails.

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