Wall wine rack

The most effective wine racks showcase your wine bottles while keeping them away from view. No matter how much wine you keep at home, there’s a wine rack solution for you!

Wine storage solutions are becoming quite popular in recent times. In everything from DIY-based projects to customized shelving, there are plenty of unique and stylish ways to store your wine organized on a racking.

Creative Wine Rack Ideas for Your Living Space

When it is about wine racks, certain individuals prefer to keep things simple. Others like a unique and creative perspective. The frames listed here are a mix of modern and timeless. This list is sure to set you on the right way to find the best wine storage solution that works to fit into your space.

Multi-Use Vases

No matter if you have a limited living area or you have plenty, it is a matter of preference, but one of the best suggestions for buying home items is to make sure that each item is used for multiple purposes. It is possible to use wooden containers that stack for utensils and flowers when sitting horizontally. It is also possible to flip them over horizontally and put wine bottles on your counter.

Vases like these can be purchased from craft stores as well as from independent sellers on the internet. Make sure that the vase you purchase is not too round, or else it’ll break and fall away. Corners (rectangles, hexagons) are key.


The greatest benefit that wine cubbies have is that they can be designed and arranged to match your home. Cube storage can range from custom-built shelving; wine cubbies are an excellent way to store both full and empty wine bottles.

Cube storage is beneficial. It is able to stay away from the view while offering plenty of storage space.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

If you enjoy entertaining guests but don’t have enough space for large wine carts or storage space, an erect wine rack on the wall will solve your issue. Affixing your wine and displaying it while anchoring it to your walls is the ideal storage and decor solution.

Built-In Shelving

A few people choose the route of customizing the storage of their wine. There are only a handful of modern homes with built-in shelves, which is why the majority of people require them to be fitted.

Built-in shelving, if constructed correctly, is never a waste of energy or cost. They appear stunning and sleek but are also modern and classic in the same way.

Utilize Fabric

Many textiles have been rediscovered in recent times, and we’re using them for everything from decorating plant holders to decor. Tapestries provide a sleek and polished look to any space, so long as there aren’t a lot of them.

A wine holder made of tapestry is a great solution to add a dash of class and rustic style to your dining or kitchen space. They are available at a variety of stores that specialize in home furnishings or even have one custom-made! They’re not invasive in size and make a wonderful side wine rack.

Revitalize Old Furniture

It doesn’t matter if it’s a prized household item or something you found from a local thrift shop. The old furniture could make an excellent wine rack. It is a popular choice when you are looking for ideas for wine cabinets because all you need to do is take out the drawers on an old buffet or dresser and then convert the interior into cubbies. This is a straightforward project. However, you could hire an expert.

Wall Art

What could be better than the combination of wine storage with wall art? A quick search for wine bottle art for walls will take you into the world of stunning art pieces that are used to store wine bottles.

Combining these two ideas (art along with wine storage) is a great idea since it gives you the opportunity to stand out while also improving the storage space in your home. It’s an all-in-one!

High Shelving

People who have a shortage of space will appreciate how crucial it is to move your room up. Making space for storage above your refrigerator or cabinets is an excellent alternative to storing wine. You could try to create something from scratch; however, a professional shelving designer can accomplish a lot in a tiny space, keeping your wine from getting in the way while also looking amazing.

Custom Floating Shelves

There’s no limit to the amount of space that floating shelves can save. If you’re a drinker of wine and have a shortage of room inside your cooking area, you should think about making your floating shelves.

The shelving expert comes up with an idea that is perfect for your needs; they can also ensure a safe, solid installation. You can personalize them in any way you’d like, with an area for your glasses!


Although not the most original built-in wine rack design, pegboards are great for storing bottles. You can decorate the surface of your pegboard in any way you’d like and allow it to blend into the space. Pegboards can be made at home. However, you can also get one built to make sure that the spacing between the pegs is in order.

Secret Storage

If you are a fan of the wine bottles but don’t want them displayed, gliding drawers are a sleek and fashionable solution. They can be put up in your dining room, kitchen, or living room. Please place them in the area with the space or the place where you typically consume wine.

Storage that is hidden helps keep your home neat and well-organized. If you’re someone who enjoys a large amount of wine and doesn’t want to show it in the spotlight, the wine drawers that glide are the best option for you.


Horseshoes are believed to be luck-inducing, and repurposing the shoe racks for wine storage is an excellent option to modernize them. This kind of rack shouldn’t be just for those who love horses; however, it’s for those who like the rustic barn style, too.

You can buy a horseshoe wine rack through national buyers through selling websites or request a custom-made one to your specifications. It will depend on the amount of wine storage space you’ll require.

Be creative with Wine Racks

The most significant aspect of having storage in your home is allowing your creativity to shine. It’s enjoyable to find the most efficient way to use space, and it’s even better to get a professional in and design something, especially for you.

ShelfGenie is pleased to have a staff that is devoted to creating custom storage solutions that are tailored to each one of our customers. The art of storing wine seamlessly requires an enormous amount of expertise, and we’re excited for you to see the endless possibilities. It’s time to bring your storage in order now, so contact us directly to schedule a no-cost consultation!

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