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This beautiful town is a favorite tourist destination for Australians and visitors from all over the world. It is due in part to its natural beauty, including its beaches, limestone caves, and stunning sea cliffs. The thing Margaret River is truly known for is its craft brewery and world-renowned Margaret River wineries.

Have a break from your busy schedule by stopping for lunch at a winery at Margaret River!

The following list of Margaret River restaurants and wineries that are listed below have distinctive characteristics, with some more suitable for families and others ideal for celebrations. Whatever you decide to go to, you’re sure to have a great meal as well as some of the finest drinks this top wine region offers.

Wise Wine

Wise Wine is a winery located in Margaret River that is known for having the only restaurant at a winery in the region with breathtaking ocean views.

The restaurant is located in the northern region of the region to Eagle Bay. It boasts a mostly Mediterranean-inspired menu that offers local seasonal produce, gnocchi dishes, oysters, oxtail croquette, and so much more.

It’s certainly worth it if you’re searching for a special lunch at a winery experience while watching the waves crash across the coast. Make sure you check for Wise Wine’s Lunch menu for Wise Wine before you go.

Leeuwin Estate

If you are only allowed the time of your life at Margaret River, and you are trying to maximize your time by having one of the most memorable lunches at a winery, you should think about Leeuwin Estate.

Leeuwin Estate Leeuwin Estate is a Margaret River winery with a number of awards on its resume, in addition to its wines as well as its food. There are a variety of menus available and an all-you-can-eat tasting menu for guests who book their reservations (between 12 noon – 1 pm). There’s no doubt that you’ll discover delicious food and wines to please all.

Are you in need of more proof (not that you need to)? Go to their Facebook page to look through the reviews locals and travelers alike are constantly recommending them!

Amelia Park Wines

Are you celebrating an engagement, birthday, or another special celebration? Enjoy a lunch at a winery like Amelia Park Wines.

Although it’s not much to look at on the outside, what’s the inside of the winery at Amelia Park’s restaurant is spectacular. When you walk through the cellar door area for tasting, You’ll notice the abundance of sunlight, which is a great way to illuminate the interior but doesn’t obscure the view of the vineyards and hills outside.

It is a Wilyabrup restaurant operated by a husband and wife team who cook their meals in-house made with local produce, the majority of it coming from their garden in the kitchen.


It’s not a problem. Margaret River has plenty of inexpensive alternatives for lunches at wineries. This includes Providore Restaurant, located in Metricup, which is well-known for its wine tastings every day and chocolate tasting of liqueurs.

In Providore, you can have an informal lunch and the option of a glass of wine at just $20. This makes it perfect for large groups who want to keep their spending at a minimum.

Of course, low prices do not mean poor quality food. Actually, Providore was selected to be one of the country’s most prestigious 100 culinary experiences, according to Australian Travel magazine!

Fishbone Wines

What sets Fishbone Wines apart from any restaurant that serves lunch at a winery that is on the list above is the range of delectable Japanese dishes (including sushi!). The seafood they serve is fresh and comes near the processing plant for seafood, 34 degrees blue.

The food is light, fresh, and a perfect match for their wine selection. The indoor seating area is adorable and cozy and features a large fish tank that’s guaranteed to draw your attention.

If that’s not enough, Fishbone Wines is also located close to The Margaret River Chocolate Factory. We suggest you grab a sweet chocolate dessert following your meal. We’ll not divulge!

Swings & Roundabouts

Are you craving a slice of pizza while sipping your drink of choice? Are you looking for a place where parents, children, and dogs can take advantage of?

If you are looking for a place to eat, then look at the Swings and Roundabouts restaurant and bar located in Margaret River.

The most notable feature of this eatery is the mouthwatering wooden-cooked Italian pizzas, wine, and margaritas. The restaurant has a very summery vibe, largely because of the picnic tables that are set up outside.

Of course, there’s plenty of seating inside should you prefer to sit at the bar to enjoy your pizza in the bar.

Xanadu Wines

A short distance to Margaret River is Xanadu Wines, which is a great restaurant that is famous for its stunning interior design, top-quality service, and delicious meals. The first thing that you’ll be able to notice as you enter is the impressive ceilings, together with the gorgeous stone walls, the eye-catching fireplace, and comfortable seating.

Once you’ve found a seating spot, you’ll be by the variety of options available. Based on your financial budget as well as personal preferences, There’s a winery lunch that is suitable that is suitable for everyone. You can choose three courses, two courses, or even a six-course tasting.

They also have delicious platters of charcuterie that are set out in the grass area. You’ll enjoy trying the many types of olives, meats, and cheeses!

Voyager Estate

Chef Santiago Fernandez, Voyager Estate is renowned for its famous seven-course Discovery Menu. The seven meals are an inspiration for the wines of one of the most beautiful.

The ambiance is as stunning as the food. It has a chic French interior with great lighting and comfy seating. The exterior is gorgeous, too, with its white stucco walls and vibrant gardens.

The food and wine The food and wine at Voyager Estate are fantastic. It’s a shame that it comes with a cost that is higher than most establishments on this list. If you’re looking to spend more for lunch at a winery, Voyager Estate is the spot to go.

Cullen Wines

This Wilyabrup winery restaurant’s most attractive characteristic is its food. In Cullen Wines, the food isn’t only amazing. It’s organic and mostly made from their kitchen garden.

It’s true; this garden in the kitchen offers more than just fresh food. It’s a spiral-shaped garden, which means you can walk through it and see all the gorgeous plants from a distance.

This relaxing escape is a good choice for a memorable time.

Glengarry Road

The family-run restaurant located in Karridale is among the most loved locations for families that we have listed. The most notable thing about them is their welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere.

Glengarry Road operates its regenerative farm with a variety of adorable chickens and lambs roaming outside the fencing. Children will be delighted to stop and look at the animals or take time to run around or play on the outdoor grassy space. The interior of this Margaret River winery is equally attractive with its rustic style.

There are plenty of places to sit both outdoors and indoors, with delicious food and wine that you will not soon forget.

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