Swings and roundabouts margaret river menu

Margaret River in Western Australia is a region bursting with activities to enjoy and unforgettable experiences to enjoy. There are beautiful beaches to lay on as well as caves to explore and stunning landscapes to trek. But special memories can be made when you visit the numerous wineries and restaurants in the region.

The wineries give you the chance to discover the fascinating tradition of the land and the care being paid to it. This means delicious food that is grown on the ground and delightful wine to match it.

It’s a great opportunity to try the local cuisine and drink the perfect wine to accompany it. You can also visit the winery to learn how the wine is produced.

The climate is ideal to grow some of the finest Chardonnays and Cabernets in this region.

The region has an icy maritime breeze as well as fertile soils from the past that make a difference in the quality of the grapes produced in this region. Combine that with delicious food that is largely produced locally, and you will have an experience unlike any other.

Amelia Park

Amelia Park is the embodiment of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, high-end dining, and a selection of exquisite wines. The husband and wife team Blair Allan and Renee Allan have joint resumes with thirty years of experience in the hospitality business. A good portion of these years are packed with various accolades. Renee heads the friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff. They welcome visitors and locals equally with a warm, pleasant experience. The majority of staff have been with them since the beginning. They will provide you with five-star service that will make you feel like family.

Chef Blair and his assistant chef, Kim Daegyeon, oversee the kitchen. They’re committed to showcasing the best ingredients that are prepared using a wood-fired oven and a grill that burns local jarrah to provide warmth and taste. The menu can vary based on the available ingredients, but there are some staple ingredients like wooden-fired Amelia Park meats, heirloom vegetables, and a variety of local cheeses.

Some of the most popular dishes include quail marinated with ketchup made of black garlic, along with courgette and roast pumpkin. You should also think about Skull Island tiger prawns wrapped in kataifi pastry and muhammara cooked in shell oil. Also, you might be intrigued with Amelia Park steak tartare, parmesan custard, asparagus, crispy potato, and Guanciale.

Combine these dishes and other dishes with Amelia Park wines. Select your wine from one of the Amelia Park Collection, the Reserve Collection, or the Trellis Collection. Try out the 2018 Amelia Park Bush Vine Tempranillo or the 2020 Amelia Park Trellis Cabernet Merlot. There are a variety of varietals available to pick from, and the staff will guide them in the best direction with regards to the best wine as well as food and wine pairings.

If you’re looking for meals with the family or friends you love or need a bigger event like a wedding venue, Amelia Park is the perfect place for you.

Vasse Felix

One of Margaret River’s earliest wine estates. The pioneer of the region founded the winery, Dr. Thomas Brendan Cullity, and began with the idea of producing the perfect wine from the area.

Everyone is invited to go on a tour of the winery and take in the incredible food prepared by Chef Brendan Prattin Vasse Felix Restaurant. The chef Pratt, as well as his crew, come up with delicious dishes that are based on the wines on offer. For starters, you can enjoy the charcuterie and pair this with Classic Dry White. It is a well-loved mix made of Semillon along with Sauvignon Blanc that is sure to please. This Classic Dry White is a pure fruit-based wine that has been produced by Vasse Felix since 1987. This refreshing and crisp wine is perfect with fruits and cheeses.

Moving on to delicious, mouth-watering meals that include Stracciatella as well as the Kingfish. Both of these dishes go perfectly with Heytesbury Chardonnay or the Sauvignon Blanc Semillon.

Take advantage of a main dish with choices like Fazzoletti or Beef with the Davidson plum. Serve these main dishes with the Filius the Cabernet Merlot. Or choose the most famous Cabernet Sauvignon… Tom Cullity. To finish off your meal, try The Cane Cut Semillon. It is a delightfully sweet wine. A wonderful way to end an excellent dinner at the Vasse Felix Restaurant.

Swings & Roundabouts

The name Swings and Roundabouts is a particular phrase. It is a perfect way to invoke a feeling of equilibrium. The balance of various aspects of wine and grape production. While we’re not certain where this phrase originated in the first place, it does have global significance across the world. The notion that everything works out equally in the end. Imagine the pocket getting drained and coins falling out; however, you also find some notes in the dirt during your travels. The key is balance.

The process of generating amazing fruit and creating excellent wine isn’t to be described as a precise science. Every winemaker and the environment in the vineyard will ultimately determine the style of wine that is served in every glass. The name is intended to honor the artistry as well as to highlight the balance that is created by the natural world and the winemakers. Swings & Roundabouts believes they are able to produce the ideal Mediterranean-style wine that is perfect on its own as well as served with incredible food. Swings and Roundabouts are the iconic Margaret River…fresh and creative, lively and full of fun in the backyard!

Swings & Roundabouts offers an unparalleled experience that is unrivaled. The restaurant and cellar doors provide a variety of adventures full of lively music, open fires, and a large lawn that offers the most stunning views of Margaret River! Visit for a tasty meal, and begin your meal with a fresh salad. This salad includes avocado, radishes, almonds, and their lemon-based dressing. Enjoy it with their delicious Swings and Roundabouts Chenin Blanc. Enjoy a bite from their Boscaiola pizza that is filled with cheeses, porcini moz,zarella, ton mushrooms, salted scamorza truffle oil, and parsley. While you’re there, you sip their Swings & Roundabouts Chardonnay. Enjoy the Chocolate Delice. It is a combination of salted caramel and dark chocolate, as well as peanut praline. I recommend finishing this dish with Swings and Roundabouts and a Cabernet Merlot.

Rustico at Hay Shed Hill

Hay Shed Hill, Vineyard Hay Shed Hill Vineyard, is located on a stunning property that was first established after the soldiers had returned home from the First World War. The vineyard was planted in the early 1970’s. The property keeps a traditional, old-fashioned feel and an inviting atmosphere. Go to Rustico Restaurant. Rustico Restaurant and enjoy a meal in comfort while admiring the gorgeous vineyards.

Make your dining experience more memorable with your Duck Liver parfait made with pickled walnut and grilling Ciabatta. This is delicious to the Kerrigan 2021 and Berry Riesling.

Then, take a look at The Western Rock Lobster, served with sweet potato and pickled onions. It’s a great match with this year’s Kerrigan & Berry Chardonnay. You can also enjoy Dardanup Beef. Dardanup Beef with chickpea, chopped chili, romesco, and cooked jalapeno. Drink a glass of 2020 Shed Hill Malbec with this dish for a memorable dining experience!

A lot is waiting for the people of Western Australia. There are many opportunities to eat when you travel through the gorgeous landscape. The region is one you’ll be tempted to return to again and more. Take a look at the serene coasts, beautiful caves, and amazing nightlife! Whatever your occasion, you’ll be able to have the most memorable time at Margaret River. The best way to begin is to contact Margaret River Wine Tours for your requirements.

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