New York State Wines: What You Need to Know

While the West Coast wine regions get most of the attention to wines made here in the U.S.A, New York State is giving them a run for their bucks. New York State is fourth on the list, behind Washington, Oregon, and California. If you are sceptical about the quality and variety of New York State wines, don’t be! There are many amazing wines from the Empire State. It’s worth getting to know New York State wine, from the Finger Lakes to North Fork and beyond.

New York State Wine: Where is it Made?

The Finger Lakes and North Fork of Long Island are New York’s major wine-producing areas. They are located approximately between Syracuse and Rochester. Although small amounts of wine are produced in the Hudson Valley region, most of these wines cannot be found outside the state.

How are wines from New York made?

New York wines come in many styles and colours. They can be made in still or sparkling formats, with various flavours and colours. The region, the grapes it was made from, and the vinification methods used to make it are all important factors in determining the final flavour profile.

What Grapes are used in New York Winemaking

New York’s Finger Lakes region is known for its wine made from rieslings, pinot noirs, Cabernet Franc, and chardonnay. These varieties thrive in the cooler climate. The region is also home to saperavi, Gewurztraminer and other local hybrids like catawba and several blanc. The North Fork, which is further south, has a variety of wines, including merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay.

What is New York’s Terroir like?

New York State is quite large. The Finger Lakes and North Fork are far apart. They have very different climates and, therefore, unique terroirs. The Finger Lakes have a cool climate. Their unique mixture of soil types, including silt, limestone, gravel and limestone, is a result of thousands of years of glacial activity. The North Fork is a coastal area with humid conditions and is dominated by loam-heavy soils.

What does New York Wine Taste Like

Like any other region, New York wine’s flavour profile highly depends on the producer and the area they are from. Wines from the Finger Lakes have higher acidity and lower levels of tannins. This is due to the climate where the grapes were grown and the soil conditions. Because they are from warmer regions and are generally riper, North Fork wines tend to be fuller-bodied and to have higher alcohol levels.

What are good food pairings with wines from New York?

New York wines can be paired with many foods and are extremely versatile. Dry sparkling wines are great as aperitifs. They pair well with fried favourites. Crisp whites and refreshing roses go well with seafood, salads and tapas. Red wines from the Finger Lakes go well with roasted meats and vegetables, while red blends from North Fork have a richer, more flavorful taste that goes well with juicy burgers and steaks. Pair a sweet or dry Finger Lakes wine and your favourite dessert.

These are some New York State wines you should try.

Chepika Catawba Pet – Nat

This pet-nat is the best place to find fresh, fizzy, beautifully made bubbles. This venture started in 2016 by Pascaline Lepeltier and Nathan Kendall, a winemaker and master sommelier, is a showcase for the untapped potential of hybrid varieties in New York State. This organically grown wine has flavours of green apple, white flowers, lime leaf and white flowers. The wine’s low ABV of around 10% means you can enjoy this easy-to-drink choice all day.

Empire Estate Dry Riesling

Thomas Pastuszak (a New Yorker who was passionate about the high-quality wines of the state) founded Empire Estate. This budget-friendly, bone-dry Riesling contains flavours such as lemon zest, tart green apple, and crushed rock. This wine’s bright fruit-forwardness and acidity make it a great choice for oysters, raw bars, and fresh salads.

Fox Run Vineyards Semi-Dry Riesling

A dry Finger Lakes riesling bottle is a great choice when you feel the need for sweets. Fox Run’s Fox Run expression is a great example of a well-made expression. It has a wonderful balance between sweetness and fruit flavours. This semi-dry wine is made entirely from estate-grown wines. It has honeyed, guava and lime zest flavours. Two bottles may be enough: one, for now, one for cellaring and another to enjoy over time.

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