Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass Review

The Luigi Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass was purchased so our reviewer could test it in their home bar. For the complete review, please read on.

The bottom line:

The Luigi Bormioli-Atelier Pinot Noir glasses are a flattering form that complements wine’s aromas (wider middle, narrower opening) but falls slightly short in weight. The glass is heavy, but it provides a stable environment that allows wines to shine. It costs $12 (approx. We’ve seen comparable items for less than $12 per stem.


  • Well-designed (shape, material)
  • Bormioli’s original SON.hyx material was used to create this product
  • Made of lead-free crystal


  • Heavy in hand, thick stem
  • Mixed reviews on durability

Our Review

We recently opened the Luigi Bormioli Pinot Noir Glasses box as part of our continuing search for high-quality glassware. The six-pack costs $74.95, and the glasses cost $12 per stem. This isn’t bad, considering how much per stem can go.

Bormioli’s Atelier is, in short, just fine. It is functional and elegant, and the shape is perfect. The glass is a little heavy and can feel a bit bulky in hand. These glasses are not expensive, but you won’t get Riedel or Zalto quality. (which, as we all know, is twice the price).

Take Note

“Bormioli’s Atelier is elegant and functional, but a little heavy in the hands. “

Test Notes

Design: The Bormioli Pinot noir glass is a good design. The bowl is narrow from the base and widens towards the middle. It then narrows again at the top so that aromas are clearly displayed but don’t evaporate too fast. The glass is well-shaped and well-designed, although it can be a bit bulky in hand.

Material: Bormioli’s Atelier line is machine blown in Parma (Italy) using the company’s proprietary SON.hyx materials. Bormioli claims that the stems have perfect bowl shapes, are well-drawn (which we can confirm), and possess a beautiful sound and high durability.


“The glass can be used for red wines other than pinot noir such as gamay, grenache and beyond. “

Cleaning: While Bormioli claims their SON.hyx product is dishwasher-safe, we recommend you hand wash wine stems. Although we did not test the product in a dishwasher due to its heavy weight, we believe it would be safe. There are a variety of sites that confirm this durability. Some users noted it was extremely durable (it bounced three times in the sink and still held strong), while others noted that it broke in the dishwasher after the first rinse.

To wash stems yourself, rinse the glasses immediately after they have been used and then set them aside. To wash the stems, add a little bit of restaurant crystal to the bowl of your glass. Then use a brush or hand wash. Tip: To avoid breaking the glass, hold it by the bowl. The stem, the most fragile part of the glass, is most susceptible to breaking. To polish and hand dry glasses, use a cleaning cloth.

Competition: The Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir glass is good for the money. The Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir glasses are $12 (approx. The stem can be customized with the brand name, shape, and design. The only thing we have a problem with this product is the thick stem and lightweight. However, the quality of the wine in the glass makes it worth the price. These stems will be out-sold by cheaper alternatives.

Final Verdict

The Bormioli Atelier Pinot Noir glasses offer decent value for their price. We recommend that wine lovers who are serious about their wine consider options at a higher price point, such as Riedels. This glassware is excellent for wine lovers who want a pleasant experience without breaking the bank. This glass can be used with a wide range of red wines beyond pinot noir.

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