Important Facts About Benzyl Alcohol Lotion That You Should Know

Benzyl alcohol is generally used in the form of liquid lotion. You can purchase it from the nearest chemist or online. It is mainly used as the best cure against head lice. As it can be harsh on your skin, it is advisable to avoid using it on infants below 6 months of age.

You can purchase quality benzyl alcohol from a chemist after checking its purity. You can look around for quality benzyl alcohol vials online as well. The lotion is expected to work best when it is used in its pure form.

Steps to use the lotion

  1. Application

The lotion has to be applied to the scalp directly. If you are suffering from hair lice issues then you need to apply the lotion to the scalp and hair. You can dip the cotton in the lotion and then massage it on the scalp or the hair.

As benzyl alcohol is a chemical-based compound so it is advisable to avoid mixing it with other additives. You should not dilute the solution before applying.

  1. Treatments

In general, the frequency of treatment may depend on the condition of the scalp. The lotion may work best for lice and eggs. It can be used as the best form of medication. You have to maintain a frequency of two or three treatments.

Always ensure that you maintain a gap of one week in between the two treatment procedures. Do not use the lotion on consecutive days. Once the lotion is applied it is better to maintain a gap of six days. This makes the treatment more effective as the eggs will hatch in five to six days.

  1. Read prescription

The moment you purchase benzyl alcohol from the local store, it is important to read the prescription. You have to follow the directions of use as mentioned on the prescription. The time frame for applying the lotion has to be strictly followed.

Before you start using it, it is better to test the skin for sensitivity. If your skin is allergic to harsh chemicals then you should avoid using them.

  1. Use a Towel

Once the lotion is applied it is important to take full precautions. The lotion can cause a burning sensation when it comes in contact with your face or eyes. So you may have to observe full precautions. It is always advisable to cover the scalp once you have massaged the lotion on the scalp.

You can use a cotton towel to cover the head region. This is important so you are sure that your eyes are always safe. It is also advisable to seek assistance when applying the lotion. If you try to apply it on your own, it may not be very effective.

You should also take care that the lotion is not in contact with the facial skin. It may cause a burning sensation and should be cleaned immediately. Wash the scalp with shampoo after applying. Do not keep the lotion on the scalp overnight.


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