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A great gym! Hurt Locker really impressed us with their authentic warehouse-style facility that is highly engaging and inspiring instructors and a great social atmosphere. They have a great balance between having fun training and pushing yourself to the edge.

We sat for a few minutes, working out and enjoying everything the gym offers.

Hurt Locker Richmond – In a Nutshell

Personal training is available for $72, small group classes for $55, and group classes for $30 per session.

Hurt Locker Richmond offers a large variety of classes for groups, including Push Strength and Pull Strength, Full Body Strength, Box-Fit, and HIIT.

The black bricks, the high ceilings, and the graffiti on the walls give an earthy, grungy vibe at Hurt Locker, an atmosphere that instantly evokes determination, hard work, and determination.

Young or old, male or female, either experienced or new. Everyone is a member of the class and on an ‘even’ playing field.

The instructors are friendly and enthusiastic, yet are aware of when and how they can make you work harder to get the most value of your time. They find a great equilibrium between these two.

The training and environment are ideal for those who have at most a few months of fitness experience because of the degree of complexity and intensity of workouts and exercises.


Hurt Locker is a master of all trades but not an expert in any one and is classified into cardio, strength, and boxing. The wide range of choices means that you will always will have something new to look for. The classes they offer are innovative yet innovative and creative with respect to their subject matter.

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time at commercial gyms but are frustrated that your motivation and progress are declining, Hurt Locker is an ideal choice.

Strength-Based Classes

The Pull: The posterior chain (back of the muscles of the body), we will focus on pull-based movements (deadlifts or chin ups, rows, etc.), working our glutes, back muscles, and hamstrings.

The Push: This is the opposite of pull classes that work on the shoulders, chest, and quads. Think bench presses and squats.

Full body: The push, the pull upper, and the lower. This session will include some of everything.

Cardio & Boxing

Hybrid classes are an amalgamation of strength, cardio, and Plyometric (jumping) exercises. This class will take you to an uncomfortable 70 percent and more of your highest heart rate, which is where the results are generated. The fat will be burned faster and last for the entire duration of the day.

Richmond HiIT: This challenging conditioning training will awaken your athletic side; you will work for brief bursts in which you’ll be pulling, pushing in, jumping, running, and sweating. Then, you’ll take small intervals.

BoxFit: BoxFi can be described as a combination of fitness, conditioning, and bodyweight boxing classes. It is specifically developed for Hurt Locker. Box Fit classes incorporate the best fitness and boxing exercises and techniques for strengthening the body. Prepare yourself for a vigorous exercise routine.

Facilities and Equipment

The layout that is used at Hurt Locker is very similar to BFT and comes with equipment for strength, such as a triple squat cage 20m track with sleds, barbells and plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, as well as medicine balls.

There’s plenty of cardio/HIIT equipment, including rowing machines, battle ropes boxing, ski machines, and many more.


High ceilings, black bricks, and graffiti artwork on the walls give an earthy, grungy vibe to Hurt Locker. Despite the dark, warehouse-like inside, the vibe is not in any way spooky or scary.

In contrast, Hurt Locker speaks of determination, determination, and hard work to achieve the goal of meaningful changes in your life.

The name itself ‘Hurt Locker,” speaks of dedication to work and an understanding of how goals require sacrifice and dedication. It’s not a walk in the park.

Hurt Locker’s slogan is “constant accountability” and “result-focused training. This can be seen in the atmosphere of the facility.


The interaction among members is apparent as soon as you step through the Hurt Locker doors; however, despite the fact that most members knew one another and were a bit snobby, everyone was eager to talk and talk about their experiences despite us being the first to join the gym.

The students often take part in fun runs, challenges, and even group trips at Wilson’s Promontory! There’s definitely a warm and warm spirit in every class.

Also, we loved the equal playing field among various members. No matter how old or young, female or male, novice or experienced, Everyone feels like they are a member of the class and not less or more appreciated. This is an excellent quality that gyms for group fitness are able to attain, and it is not easy to achieve.

Coach Interaction

Here at Get Gym Fit, we are firm believers that a gym can only be the best if it’s its trainers, and the staff from Hurt Locker Richmond really won us over. When I first entered, Matt knew I was attending my first class. I was greeted by name, and he made me feel comfortable.

He was able to swiftly discern my personality and abilities and test me to a level that was suitable for me despite not knowing me at all.

I also had a wonderful experience working as well with Caleb and Adam and Adam, who are fantastic trainers.

The coaches are excellent in providing motivation techniques and advice when your performance is beginning to fall off. This is extremely beneficial, and anyone who wants to improve their skills could benefit from being an active member of Hurt Locker Richmond.


An experience that I will never forget is “You go I go” 1-10 burpees. We were working in pairs, but for this particular round, we had a diverse number of people. This meant that Matt, the coach, arrived and joined me.

It was a screamer; I was smothered. Matt seemed to breeze through the stations like it was second nature! It was only the first station. I had nine stations to conquer!

To summarize, that intensity could certainly be quite high. Keyword – CAN.

Similar to most workouts at fitness, you only gain from it the effort you put into it. If you’re not eager to challenge yourself, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are able to benefit from the Hurt Locker atmosphere, workouts, and coaches definitely create an environment of fitness for all that urges you to give your all and have nothing to be desired.

I’ve worked as an instructor for fitness for many years, and I’ve come across numerous new workout and exercise concepts I utilized for my clients following my experiences with Hurt Locker.


Our experience was that the difficulty of training was more of the intermediate levels. To maximize the benefits of the Hurt Locker ideal, you’ll have a few months of steady training in strength.

Racks and barbells for exercises like deadlifts, bench presses, and back squats form components of the strength classes provided by Hurt Locker Richmond. These workouts are a bit difficult and require some practice to get comfortable with before stepping into one of the classes.

If you’re a fan of Hurt Locker, perhaps start with a small or 1:1 group training session to build your confidence level up for these more challenging lifting exercises. After that, you can move on to their more extensive group fitness programs.

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