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Japan is most well-known as a producer of sake, but the island nation also produces a variety of other alcohol-based beverages. The whiskey industry in Japan has exploded in recent years. However, it cannot be easy to locate high-quality Japanese whiskies available in America or even without a written guide.

Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky

“Toki” is a Japanese word meaning time. Suntory Toki Japan Whisky is the result of 3 distilleries, namely Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita.

Similar to its sibling blend, Suntory Hibiki, Toki is a Japanese malt whisky and grain whisky. It is, however, made up of different ingredients: the most important comprise Hakushu single malt and Chita grain whisky.

This whisky is the perfect representation of what Suntory is striving to achieve when it comes to whisky. It’s a brilliant gold color, with basil and honey, as well as green apple grapefruit and basil notes that blend into an enticing taste.

In the sweet notes, there are the scent of thyme and peppermint that give off an appealing aroma. It finishes mildly spicy thanks to Vanilla oak, White pepper, and ginger.

Mars Iwai Tradition Malted Japanese Whisky

It is a Japanese blend whisky made at Japan’s top distillery, the Mars Shinshu Distillery. Iwai-san is one of the Japanese whisky distillers who is known for his smooth spirit and harmonious taste profile and is proud of this malt-based drink.

The superbly balanced whisky crafted by bourbon and sherry casks has subtle hints of peat that make it amazing. The aroma of the Japanese whisky is bursting with fresh, sweet fruits like bananas and some more dark ones such as prunes.

The drink also offers a strong bourbon flavor, but without any burning feeling that Bourbon normally is known for. The taste is more of the dark sherry fruits, together with honey, toffee, and spiced ginger.

The company has since won numerous prizes from international competitions. These have placed It on the global map due to the premium spirits produced by this young Japanese company.

While sipping a sip of the whisky, the mouth will be flooded by the scent of ashes cold along with camphor, peat, and lemon. A subtle taste of seaweed could be a part of the sourness of your mouth, too.

A lingering taste also reminds you more of salty and sweet than the typical brands of whiskey, similar to celery seeds blended with citrus fruits, such as grapefruit or lime.

Hakushu 12-Year Single Malt Japanese Whisky

If your whiskey is a little lean towards Japanese, then you should consider Hakushu 12-year. The Suntory product is an absolute must-try for anyone interested in exploring Japanese whisky.

The distillery was constructed in Japan’s first golden era of whiskey production by its founder, Yamazaki, which, no doubt, led to some innovative experiments at the property’s sister, Hakushu!

The smell of its nose can bring a lot to the kitchen. It smells a lot like toasty barley and other grains. It is also a chocolate scent with dried grass notes that will make your mouth water in anticipation of what’s to come.

The flavor is awash with fruits but not too sweet. There are smokey notes throughout the journey before you’re left with a piece of orange on your tongue when you finally get the call.

Ichiro’s Malt & Grain Japanese Whisky

Ichiro Akuto’s whisky blend is a mix of his stock and other brands. On the label of this bottle, it reads, “This whisky is World Blended Whisky.

It comprises Hanyu, Karuizawa, and Chichibu, which is the distillery Ichiro owns. It could also include components that are distilled by other Japanese distilleries or perhaps outside Japan.

The scent of the blended whisky is sweet and sweet with notes of apricot, peach citrus zest, vanilla cream, and synthetic bananas. The taste begins with toffee and later changes into malted barley spice notes. There are also notes of sweet pipe tobacco leaves infused with black pepper.

In the end, the finish offers a medium-length finish on dried fruit, which makes it a smooth finish. It provides a fascinating contrast between spices and sweetness simultaneously.

Tsutsumi 12 Year Taru Sherry Cask Shochu

It is believed that the Tsutsumi Distillery in Japan has been in operation for more than 140 years. It is one of 28 distilleries in Japan Shochu that can be known as Kuma Shochu. The distillery makes use of pure liquid taken from the Kumo River. Kumo River and 100% rice as their primary ingredient.

Alongside traditional practices and practices, they also believe in innovative thinking. This means they create products that are rooted in the latest technology, tradition, and the highest quality standards.

For more than fifty-four years, the Tsutsumi Distillery has been maturing Shochu in sherry casks. The barrel aging process imparts the same flavors as a great whiskey; instead, it is growing inside traditional jars or vats, as most spirits do, in order to develop its distinct taste and color.

Hatozaki Small Batch Japanese Whiskey

Explore Hatozaki Small Batch It is an exclusive mixture of single malt whiskies. It is crafted from malt that is aged for a number of years in sherry and bourbon casks prior to being bottled by Japanese Mizunara oak casks maturation. This helps preserve the spirit when it is aged without color or filtration so that you are able to enjoy the rich history of this whisky!

The aroma is pleasant and bright with aromas of soft fruit honeydew, pepper and. Although it’s an easy whiskey, you’ll be stunned by its power, which has melon-like flavors mingled with the sweetness of apricot. It’s got a delightful taste that you would not anticipate initially!

Ohishi 8-Year Sherry Cask Japanese Whisky

The location is in the most stunning region of Japan. Ohishi Distillery was established in 1872 and has since produced premium whisky. The methods used to make their whisky are old-fashioned, using pot stills made of stainless steel for their renowned whisky, after which they let it sit for up to six years in ex-Sherry casks or brandy.

The passion of Ohishi for sherry casks has led them to develop an ongoing partnership with cooperages, allowing the distillate of their company to age in the highest quality wood.

In the aroma, there are notes of ashiness and oakiness, as well as the aroma of dried dark fruits and leather. With a slight hint of citrus sweetness in grains, it’s rich and nutty with an oaky final, making the whiskey worth a try.


The market for whiskey is expanding, particularly with famous whiskey brands! It’s possible to think that Japanese whisky is a niche item that isn’t worth trying, but it’s a great choice. If you’ve never tasted it before, this is a good moment to get started!

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