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It is always possible to rely on the discount grocery store to enable us to live the Champagne lifestyle on a budget! The latest post from Aldi will show you how to keep wine at home and how to make the look of a wine cellar worthy of being a celebrity.

It’s not just huge spas and cinema rooms of celebs are in the news anymore. Wine cellars are popping up, too! Recent reports suggest that Coleen or Wayne Rooney have splashed out PS150,000 for a lavish new wine cellar as well as a walk-in bar.

We’ve enlisted the wine expert at Aldi, Sam Caporn MW, to help us lead our best wine-loving lives in the at-home comforts of our homes. Sam answers the most frequently requested questions pertaining to proper home bar etiquette.

What is the most convenient place to store my wine bottles in my home?

The most important thing to remember about wine is to imagine it as a sleeping thing until you are ready to drink it, as explained by Sam quite poetically. They prefer to be in a place where they are stable, maintained at a cool temperature far from sunlight, vibrations, and temperature changes.’

Storage is usually in the majority of homes, so it’s essential to make it practical. Garages are great places to store wine; if not, then under the stairs, as long as you don’t rush through them. But, if your wine isn’t likely to sit in the cellar for long periods and you only need a small wine rack that is placed in the most cool area of your house, that’s all that’s required!

Do I need to store wine in the refrigerator?

The wine shouldn’t be stored in the fridge as such. The refrigerator should be used for chilling prior to drinking the wine, according to Sam. This will be a game-changer for many, we’re certain.

“Where most people make mistakes is serving temperatures of red and white wines. White wines should not be served right out of the refrigerator, He explains. If they’re too cold, they could impede the scent or smell of the wines.’

Reds are typically served too warm. They may benefit from being placed in the fridge a few hours before serving. This is a great method to boost their vivacity and drinkability! Sam is an expert in the field.

He also offers this advice: ‘Remember the rule of 20/20 – take the white wine out 20 minutes prior to serving, and place red wines into the fridge for 20 minutes prior to serving.’

Which wines should I put in an upright manner?

The rule of thumb is that everything under the natural cork must be kept on its side in order to stop the pin from drying out,’ Sam explains. The contact between the wine and the cork ensures that it stays damp. Sparkling wines and screwcaps can be stored in a standing position.’

After I’ve opened a bottle, what should I do to ensure it stays fresh?

Sam replies by saying, “Once the wine is opened and there is a bit left, the best way to store it for both white and red wine is to store them in the refrigerator.’ Maybe not what we’d recommend, particularly with red wine.

This will help keep them fresher for longer. Certain wines improved after being opened while others diminished the freshness of the fruit.’

“Wines, like Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, for instance, will last for a few days after opening and, according to my experience, can create a week’s worth of wine here.

The drinking experience of red wines after opening can be very different, according to Sam. ‘ The acidity of the wine plays an important role, and I’d recommend putting it into the fridge and then try to drink the remainder of it in a couple of days.’

You now have a plan for storing your wine in your home; you’ll need to stock up in order to build that celebrity-style wine cellar.

When deciding which varieties of wine you would like chilled, make sure you consider the optimal temperature and keep in mind the seasons.

The best tip is to ensure that your wine refrigerator is at the same temperature and is kept far from sunlight.

Chilling whites and chilling reds

Fresh, aromatic white wines like the Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling are best enjoyed chilled in fridge temperatures cool and crisp (e.g., 5 degrees). But white wines with bottle age or varietals like Chardonnay are a good choice to drink just a little warmer than a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc in order to increase the complexity of these wines.

Red wines benefit more when they are consumed between 12 and 18 degrees. Reds with a lighter color can be better able to handle cooler temperatures. However, it is important to consider the temperature outside and the amount of alcohol.

As an example, serving a hefty Barossa Shiraz during a hot summer’s day wouldn’t be favorable. An excellent alternative is to chill the wine to 16-18°C, which makes it more enjoyable to drink.

How do you store your wine properly? wine

Wine was traditionally placed on top in order to ensure that the cork was kept moist and to ensure tight, airtight sealing. The invention of the screwcap has made it clear that this was not required since screwcaps provide airtight sealing.

A lot of people store their wine on their side due to its utility and efficiency as well as space saving. One common misconception is that you should rotate the bottle now and then, but this kind of care is not required.

The length of refrigeration

Celebrating your wines in a wine refrigerator is a fantastic way to keep your wine at the ideal temperature and improve the potential of cellaring your wine. The time required to cellar your wine will be contingent upon the wine’s type and its quality in terms of the length of time it can remain.

Take note of the type of wine when you are removing your wine fridge. White wines can be enjoyed faster, while reds are more likely to be rewarded when they are allowed to adjust to the temperature of the surroundings. You might want to give your wine between 15 and 20 minutes prior to consumption. A bit of air will always be beneficial to an excellent red wine.

Storing wine already opened

There are a myriad of wine varieties that have screwcaps rather than corks. This makes it easy to store the wine bottle to consume in the future. But, I would recommend drinking the wine between two and three days following opening. Be sure that the cap is secure.

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